W-W Trailers

McCurry Trailers is pleased to offer W-W Trailers - the leader in the trailer industry for nearly 5 decades! They design and engineer all their trailers with the idea of practical usage for equestrian hobbies, ranching, or cargo protection. W W Trailer is continually striving to produce quality and genuine trailers that have served many families for decades. You can expect years of reliability from your new W-W purchase. H. G. Watkins, the founder and owner of W W Trailer, is continually striving to produce the quality, genuine, W W Trailer that has served families for decades.

At McCurry Trailers, we are dedicated to helping you find the best trailer for the best value your hard earned money can buy. A W-W brand trailer is one trailer you can depend on for years to come! THE Quality Brand since 1960. For more information, check out their website at: WWtrailer.com.

W-W has built trailers for over 40 years, don't settle for less than an original W-W Brand Trailer.

W-W Trailer Features:

  • Has over 4 decades of trailer building experience
  • Acid bath, primer and baked urethane paint finish for the best appearance and protection
  • Standard equipment of electirc brakes on all wheels

W-W Trailer Features:

  • Axle conversions availale upon request
  • Optional rubber flooring upgade of standard treated flooring on steel trailers
  • W-W reserves the right to alter engineering of all products for maximum performance